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Problems with Chrono Cross

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I am at Lucca's house (burning) near the end of the game but I can't see anything on the screen with the exception of polygons. I've tried messing with the graphics settings and found a way to make the background visible again but it's horrendously slow, especially with the Direct3D plug-in. I was wondering if there's anything I can do to help the situation. I know it's only a short part of the game but if I would come across another similar scenario I would know what to do.

Plug-in settings (I assume it's a gfx problem so I'll just post the GPU plug-in):
Pete's OpenGL Plug-in 1.50
"Nice" setting

My specs below:

BTW, I'm using the leaked 22.50 Detonator drivers.
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Originally posted by takmadeus
actually, it would be better to play it on VGS, (yes, I like it soooo much...) but you won't be able to see the key items menu by pressing square (well, no everything is happiness :p )
actually, using VGS, u still can c the key item menu while the square button is pressed by applying a patch to the emulator, though then the overall speed will be dropped down major time.:(
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