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Problems with Chrono Cross

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I am at Lucca's house (burning) near the end of the game but I can't see anything on the screen with the exception of polygons. I've tried messing with the graphics settings and found a way to make the background visible again but it's horrendously slow, especially with the Direct3D plug-in. I was wondering if there's anything I can do to help the situation. I know it's only a short part of the game but if I would come across another similar scenario I would know what to do.

Plug-in settings (I assume it's a gfx problem so I'll just post the GPU plug-in):
Pete's OpenGL Plug-in 1.50
"Nice" setting

My specs below:

BTW, I'm using the leaked 22.50 Detonator drivers.
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Opps my bad. Didn't know you used the tweaks already. Its suppose to be slow. But it'll only be that part of the game so you can just turn it off later. 200th poST! EMULATION EXPERT :eek: :p :) :( :D ;) :rolleyes: :cool: :yawn: :confused: :eek: :eyes: :dead: :emb: :doh: :evil: :evil: :help: :lol: :argue: :bash: :sad: :fart: :cry: :wtf: :rofl: :stupid: :smash: :shout: :rockets: :wink: :mg: :idea: :love: :laser: :innocent: :heh: :spy: :spy: :fingers: :eyespin: :emb: :eyemove: :dead: :eyes:
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