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Hi All

I have a problem with the BIOS config!

it does not works i have win 98

ich have read the FAQ and the help but the help does not request (step 3)

what can i do? i don´t have any SCPH data´s on my PC!

please help me :)

thx raver

Ps.: sorry for my english ;-)

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You have to look for a bios file in the internet. Do not ask for it here, cause it is illegal. Type SCPH1001.BIN in any search engine.

Sorry, ePSXe does not come w/the PSX Bios file included. The Bios file is necessary for the emulator to run. It is not included because "technically" is is illegal to have one and it is ESPECIALLY illegal for a site to give them out, provide direct links to them, or for emulation authors to include them with their work. To find a PSX Bios, do as Jau said and go to do a search for PSX Bios or you can type in the name of the Bios that Zephon mentioned. You are sure to find quite a few sites that have them. Best of luck.
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