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Problems with a few games.

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Hi. First I will post my system spec along with my plugin configs.

System Specs.
Celeron 700
256 Mb Ram
ASUS Geforce 2 MX 32MB
Sound Blaster Live Value
Accer 24x CD-ROM

Plugin config:

Pete's OpenGL Driver 1.49

ePSXe SPU Core 1.2.0

Pete's CDR ASPI Driver 1.2

Ok, the first game I have troubles with is Gran Tursmo 2. I checked the accurate cd timing option but it still freezes at the copyright screen but after about 2 seconds the copyright screen is displayed, it dissapears.

The second is Chrono Cross. The game plays fine but when I go to battles, the transition goes extremely slow. The fps go from 60 to 0.8! I dont know why it takes so long to do that.

The Third game is Megaman Legends 2. I don't think these are fixable until the next release if they are fixed but I will post them anyway. Sound in movies aren't heard at all. Neither is the speech during the game. I can hear the first 2 words but then it cuts. Also, I can't see the transitions at the title screen and during the game (I know that isn't important but it makes the game look nicer :)

The forth game is Megaman 8. I just has a black screen nothing happens. Probably because ePSXe doesn't support it. If someone has gotten it to run plz tell me.

The last game is Ridge Racer Type 4. I think it's a CD-Audio problem possibly with the way my CD-ROM Drive handles CD-Audio. When there is talking as soon as you go to Grand Prix, it goes SO slow. It also goes extremely slow during the opening movie.

There that is it. Sorry about it being so long but I'm desperate for help. I tried almost every to try to solve these problems. I hope someone can help me. If you can I will be extrmely happy.
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Sorry I can just help U for one game:
Chrono cross:

It s because u ve enabled the framebuffering and the fsaa.
Just disable which U want...(I recommend framebuffering, U won t see the battle whirl effect but U ll get a nicer image quality.But it s up to U)
Rargh is absolutely right, try disabling FSAA too. It is the option on your graphic card (Direct 3D section). Then to make your game didn' look too bad, you can try disabling scanlines in Pete's OGL 1.49.

I had Ridge Racer 4 too, and it works awesome. I used P2/400, 64Mb SDRam, GE Force2 GTS 32 Mb DDR, GPU Pete's OGL1.49, SPU Pete'sMidas 1.7, CDR TsgMscdex, BIOS scph1001. Pls tell me your setting in GPU and CDR, because I think the slow fps probl. is from that.

My advise from now is, try use the fast setting in GPU Pete's OGL.

Tks, hope can help U again soon...
Sorry, about scanlines, you can try enabling it (not disabling it)....
Thanks guys! Chrono Cross works a lot better now! But unforunetly my problem with Ridge Racer Type 4 didn't go away. I think it's my Cd drive's fault. I hope to my Cd-R working again so I can try it with that. Thanks for the help anyway.
Snake785 why don't you make an iso of the RR4 cd? I play all my games through an iso.
Use Barrett-Kazzuya CDR Driver, you can download it @ psxemu.
And use Null2's SPU v1.34
U re welcome Snake :D

And, Yes, I think U should use an iso of RRT4 (Try to get cdr-win or isobuster if U haven t another one yet)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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