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I recently purchased a soundblaster live! value. well, after installing it, I gave me an error with the emu10k1 wdm. so I read a FAQ, and used th vxd drivers. It does not give me an error anymore, but I my system crashes every five seconds when using the card, and the only way to make it stable is to disable hw acceleration in my video adapter. I've tried everything, reinstalled win9xse, disabled the onboard audio, etc. can anyone help? btw my system specs are:

-p3 750
-tnt2 m64 pci
-3com modem pci
-sb live! value pci
-intel 810e mobo
-256 megs of ram
-directx 8.1
-for the sblive:
using the latest drivers (not the ones on the cd) from
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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