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Problems :S help!

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I am trying to make an ISO of FF7. It all works fine except I cant copy the MOV files. Any idea why? I even tried manually doing it and it says it an invalid MS-Dos comman. Im on XP. I have tried WinISO, UltraISO, etc. I cant get it to copy the whole thing..:S Thanks. oO
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I am trying to make an ISO. Havn't tried Alcohol..hmm. I was just saying, ,manually I cant extract the .mov files. I will give that program a shot though. But yes, the files are from the original cd.
KanedA said:
... you mistunderstood makeing iso I think... after makeing iso from cd you have one big file on your hdd... usually with extention *.iso or *.bin...

try alcohol it's worth it's price :)
Yes, an ISO of the cd, an image. That is what I was trying to make, but it didnt work because my programs could not extract or pull the mov files from the cd into the ISO. I am going to try Alcohol, i will let you know if it worked. Thanks :)
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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