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Problems; Resident Evil; Directors Cut

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I'm play the game was fully bugs, even with my vgs 1.4
The voice (in 3d game) is looping, and have some scracthes mdecs,

Pete's OGL 1.5
Pete's Midas
Pete's CDr

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1. Not Smooth as other Emulator (this will give the best sound too):
-Try to change the region code to PAL, BUT the Plugins to
NTSC----(Thanx to someone that i forget his name to tell
this is more accurate, if that 'someone' read this, please
tell me your name. thanx)
-If the game still run too skip
Change the Frame Cap Method to Old and the FPS to 40/45
Ex: Winning Eleven, ISSP Serie A
-If the game run too fast,
Check The FPS limit, read the No 3
-If The game STILL won't smooth :
Try to play with the real PS :<, (i have 1 so i don't bother)

2. MemCard Problem :
-Try to press F4 for access memcard (so the emu
think that you have insert the Memcard)
Ex: Spiderman, Medal Of Honor, Tomb Raider.
-Try to switch the region Code to PAL, And the GPU to NTSC
'the sign : Memcard is to fast read "No Memcard"'
Ex: Ridge Racer Type 4
-If the memcard forget what MemCard is, try this :
copy 2 of your Memcard, and rename it to temp.000, temp.001
This will happen if you delete your temp.00* or delete the
ePSXe and copy the old memcard to the directory.

3. Sound Problem :
-If The sound is repeat and repeat :
Try To Enable the SPU IRQ Always On
-If the sound too choopy: ( Pete Midas )
Try to enable XA Smoothing on the plugins
-If the sound too fast so the MDEC isn't sync: ( Dsound 1.8 )
try to check the GPU plugins,
- Set the FPS to 50 IF the region is PAL ( by the No 1)
- Set the FPS to 60 IF the region is NTSC

4. Visual Problem : (Lewpy)
-If you have GTE lighting / flickering screen:
try to check the Front Buffer Fix, and disable it.
Ex : tomb raider 4
-If the game doesn't display correctly:
1. try to enable the Offscreen drawing to EXTRA
2. try to enable Frame Buffer to WRITES, READ,or both
Ex: Metal Gear Solid
-If The game have a pause beetween screen :
try to change the long DMA chain to Short
Ex: Tekken3

If your games still won't work, feel free to contact me.
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