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Basically....i have been messing with the configurations and plugins...and the bios, and game loads correctly, but i cant get my comp to the menus on all of my games.....

The graphics look, fine, but for example, on Tony Hawk, it keeps on looping through the demo, and there is no way to get to the menu....

Anyway, help needed here....any suggestions?

It does, indeed, sound like a controller problem. Either try pressing just F4, as takwu suggested, or try pressing F5 and then F4. Give one of these a try and see if it doesn't help. Pressing F4 disables the SIO IRQ and some games, Gauntlet Legends is one, require that this be disabled in order to load and/or start. Pressing F5 switches the joystick from digital/analog mode to digital mode. Again, some games, Ms. PacMan-Maze Madness used to, require this and then F4 (disable SIO IRQ) to function properly.
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