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problems configuring joystick with PJ64 v1.6

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I hope you guys can help me out. Here is my problem:

I have an adaptoid which has been working PERFECTLY with Project64 1.5. I just upgraded to v.1.6 and now it won't let me configure the joystick. Whenever I click on one of the little boxes on the Input configuration screen, and then push a button on the controller to properly assign it, it always comes up as "Z-" (I have not idea what that is!!). Has anyone run into this problem? Does anyone know what it means? Help! I want to use the new version!
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does this happen with all buttons? or just axis buttons. as well go into control panel and make sure all your buttons are working ok. try rapidly pressing the z- button a couple of times to maybe unlodge it then try again. if i can set up an xbox controller with rumble in 2 mins to work perfectly with it im sure the adaptoid can too. 1.6 works awesome!
Z- isn't a button. I don't know WHAT it is.

Thanks for the reply. Here's the deal, though. I did go through Control Panel and the buttons are all working fine. So I know that's not the problem.

Now, like I said before, Z- comes up no matter which button I'm trying to set, and no matter which button I push on the controller. Z- has never come up before. I don't know what it is. What should come up is a number. Every button on the controller is assigned a number. Like I said, I have NO IDEA what Z- is. Please help! I want this thing to work. And again, it works perfectly on 1.5. I've even gone back and forth between 1.5 and 1.6. 1.5 works fine, but 1.6 won't configure. Has anyone ever heard of it being a problem if they're both installed on the computer???What's the deal?
wait do you have a second controller or gamepad or joystick plugged in and if not does control panel report a second on plugged in? if ther eis one plugged in its z axis may be making your z- if not and control panel reports a second pad but there isnt one then remove the second entry in control panel.
only one controller plugged in and detected

Thanks again for replying. I only have one controller plugged in, and only one controller is detected in Control Panel. So, it doesn't look like that's the problem. ???
well you could always try updating drivers. oh and make sure your using the newest plugin, if not try loading up the old plugin. another note, your saved profiles may not be compatible with the new version. i suggest changing your plugin to the old one that worked. also if you have another game device try plugging that in to see if it works.
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