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i just got the emulator i was amazed when i turn it on, seriously, the graphic is way better then on psx(console), i've tested Evil Zone and the graphic is damn good. but one problem, everything's working out good until the loading screen come up. it's all black and and grey and much of lines across the screen. same thing happen with the movie, gray/black lines moving across my screen. nothing's wrong with the game, fighting's still good, game option funtioning. basically that's the only two problem my video thing have. here's my system speed. tell me what i should set the epsxe emulator to. plz teach me how to get rid of those damn linesssss!

Speed: 533mhz Pentium 3
Graphic Card: 3dfx Voodooo 3 3000 with direct 7.0 support(i just uprade my window direct x to 8.0)
System Ram: 128
Cd-Drive Speed: 50x
Sound Card: some kind of sound card
i think that's all there really is to it.
plz help me with this, thanks alot.
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