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Problem with the toolbar

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epsxe works fine, but the toolbar is gone, so i can't use it to configure netplay and so on.
and when i close it, it remains in the process list of the task manager so i have to kill it! :)
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Press Escape to go back to the ePSXe menu while playing a game. However, you won't be able to configure anything unless you restart the emulator. To properly close the emulator, press Escape then go to File->Exit.
thank you, solved :)

but i have another problem: i can't hear background music from an iso file, but i can from the cd.
i copied the iso with alcohol, playstation profile (so with subchannels), what should i do?
try to mount it to virtual cd-rom and use CDR Mooby plugin
Either one or the other, but not both Kaneda ;) . Mount the iso on a virtual drive and load it with a regular cd plugin (being peops the one i recommend the most), or load it directly using the iso loader plugin from mooby.
i tried to mount the image with daemon tools and i tried the mooby plugin..
none of that works, should i set up something with mooby?
Just mount the image onto Mooby.
i did so (choose the autorun image, right?)
doesn't work....
i'm starting to think that i made some mistake while creating the ISO, i used alcohol with the "playstation" profile, as I read on this it correct?
Yes, but did you use the ccd or the mdf format? You gotta use the ccd one, and select the .bin that will be done when trying to run the game.
i used the ccd format, and with the ccd come the img and the sub
maybe you meant bin+cue but I didn't do that.
Select the img file then. The ccd is the file descriptor, no actual data on it, and the sub carries subchannel data, only needed for copy protected games. I usually use the mdf format and mount it on a virtual drive, that's why i mistook the format :p . This approach is simpler, that's why i used it here.
i obviously select the img file, the game starts, but no background music in it...
Umm, and it doesn't work with daemon tools either? The 'load iso' function on epsxe doesn't play cdda tracks, wich may explain the absence of bg music, but with either mooby's or dameon tools that should be solved.
no, none of them worked...
maybe i did something wrong while acquiring the iso, but i used alcohol with the playstation profile as i read here...
CDDA Volume. Increase that option in Mooby.
yes!! it worked! thank youuuuu!!
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