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Problem with Suikoden?

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Hello, I cant seem to be able to pick up the cat necessary to get Lotte in your party. Any help would be great.
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Two suikoden fans :D
great to see more!

BTW do U prefer the first one or the second one?
I find them equal.
Well Suikoden 3 is another side of the story of the 2...
For real fans only...
It s calling suikogaiden...and the lenght of this one is about 4 hours..(short isn t it?)
I ve just a magazine who says that suikogaiden isn t for the playstation 2...but for the psx!
his name is Suikogaiden chapter1...

(the name of this **french** magazine is gameplay RPG)

But u say that there is a Suikoden 3????
Have U any URL where I can check this out????

Now i' ve made up my mind...
I m gonna buy a ps2...
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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