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Problem with starting games!?

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I did everything bios, plugins, memory i will add full list of plugins so we will be clear on that departmant.

BIOS: scph1001
Video: Pete's OpenGL2 driver 2.9
Sound: P.E.Op.S. DSound Audio Driver 1.9
CdRom: P.E.Op.S. CDR Driver 1.4

My computer spec ----->

CPU - Athlon 64 X2 5200+ 2.7 GHz
VGA - Radeon 4850 512 MB
MBO - socket AM2, MSI, K9N NEO-F V3(nForce 560)
RAM - 4 GB
PSU - Fortron 400W PNF

Well now that you have my thehnical details it is time that we move to my problem. When i configure all those things i run my ffvii image, doesen't matter what disk and messagge pops out saying i should add espxe to my excpetion list. It wasn't my antivirus rather some windows program i m guessing firewall ^^

So i add it to the list and it pops out send/don't send message. So i star epsxe again and run iso and i can only see this:

I don't understand what I have to do. I don't see the problem I've done everything by the "book"(tutorials on internet). by them it should work but it doesen't. I know you will now ask me if images are correct, it is veryfied they work for other ppl. So pls help :D
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sounds like DEP is behind your problem. just disable it altogether or do like it says and add epsxe to the exceptions list and you should be fine.
Ok man i did what you advised me but that changed nothing. Before i came here i added epsxe to exception list and know i disabled it and still i get that black screen.
When i run iso black screen comes on and when i go to let's say to my computer and then i want to go back to epxsxe it reacts like nonresponsive program and i have to ctrl+alt+delete it. Anybody have a solution? Are my plugins false or is something else :S pls help
are you able to run the BIOS? does the logger mention any problems?
yeah bios works fine i erased all save files from memory card so yes it works.
what format did you make your image in?
I didn't make anything I just download it. It is 4 disk of iso type image, game is FF VII. I will try with some other game maybe i have a corupted image.
enable sound, change the sound plugin, change the cdr plugin.
I changed sound plugin to Eternal SPU Plugin 1.41 and CDR plugin to SaPu's CD-ROM Plugin 1.3. Still have the same problem I m downloading another version of the game we will see tomorow how will it respond then :p

good luck with that.
staff... you know what to do.
SylarLucius, welcome to the forums.
I'd suggest you take a look at our forum [rules]rules[/rules].

Downloading games is illegal and we will not give support to people who do. You can find a cheap copy of the game at your local store or on eBay and this will eliminate all problems that could be related to a bad ISO.
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