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Hi there,

I play Harvest Moon Island of Happines using No$gba 2.6a + No$zoomer, the button text seem solved when using EX 4, so i can play it (the stylus control didn't really bad on PC/emu) :D

I usually save and load using snapshot rather than battery file since it quicker, but i running with some issue here:
1. if we have play with no$gba (w/o no$zoomer) and save the snapshot, later open it on no$zoomer the rom image will crash (test using HM: IoH & Mario Kart DS) and vice versa, somebody know how to fix it? i have mario kart ds snapshot that i really want to use on no$zoomer
2. is there possible way to use nocash render on no$zoomer? since i can only see opengl and directx, some game are faster using nocash render and didn't have problem
3. is using bios can affect the compability & playability for some games? if possible also mention the game that will benefits from using bios
4. i want to play Rune Factory 2 but need some confirmation if it works on no$zoomer, can someone confirm it?

PS: i'm not asking where i can download bios files

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