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So i've had a fair amount of trouble getting into this emulator. Configuring all the preferences so i can play the game in full, or save at points etc... But now i''ve come to a point where i'm really close to giving up.

Bassically theres a point in Final Fantasy 8 (Disc 1) where you get to this town square in Dollet and two G-soldiers attack from over the wreck of a car. The screen swirls and then goes to black. The battle music keeps going, but the battle screen doesn't load. Just black. What's more is that its not just a problem with the screen, because if that were the case i would be able to get through the sequence by button bashing and hoping, and surface back in the normal sequence. You can see the g-soldiers on screen so it's not like i can avoid it like the normal random monster attacks.

Here are my specs.


PCSX 1.5, test 3

Bios: SCHP1001


* Dynarec CPU core
* Simulate PSX BIOS

* SIO IRQ always enabled


* Never Dither Graphics

* Disable Coord Check


Mac Powerbook 5,6 - G4
Running OSx 10.4.11
CPU spped - 1.5 GHz
512 memory
Bus Speed - 167 MHz
Boot Rom Version - 4.9.1f1

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you need to use a real bios. the HLE bios has issues with some games.

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But then what is the point of having pcsx if I can't run anything without the actual console. What the hell man. This is so annoying.
Because you must OWN the system and game first lol
PC emulators are just for extra space, like wanting to massively cheat or have a bigger saving zone.
I suggest using a different emulator if you are having too much trouble on this one. But you must own the stuff first.
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