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Problem with Powercolor Theater 550 tuner card. / Win 7

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I can't seem to get this damn card to work. I put it in, installed the newest drivers (Which are only available for Vista, but should work fine in 7 anyway), rebooted, but in both Windows Media Center and the Includes PowerCinema software I get a "No tuner found" error. I'm thinking of installing XP and trying it there, but before I do that - any suggestions?
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Not all Vista drivers will work on 7. Might need to wait for them to release 7 drivers.

That said, did you install these drivers with admin priviledges in Vista compatibility mode?
Theater 550? As in ATI?

I have what is essentially the USB version and I couldn't get the Vista drivers to properly install either. I tried the XP drivers and they worked like a charm.
You mean the XP drivers on XP... right?
No. XP drivers in 7. They work. Trust me.
Check Windows 7 compatibility center to see if your hardware is supported...
I tried everything to try to get the card to work in 7 - got nothing.

Installed XP and it works great. For a $20 tuner, this thing has great picture quality.

Maybe I jumped onto 7 too early.
Quality or popular brand names are usually the first to get supported when new tech or OS released. Like I said, go to Microsoft website and look to see if your hardware is supported.
I'm surprised that there is no native drivers for tuners
If the drivers actually install, then it is probably simply the PVR software not running properly.

Try a different PVR software, or the latest Dscaler Beta.
I've tried a few different pieces of software... PowerCinema, DScaler, BeyondTV...

I'm fine with XP though. I have no real need for 7.

@tuanming I just deleted 7 so it doesn't really matter anymore.
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