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Hi. I think that Pete's CD plugin is the fastest plugin available (well on my computer at least) but for some reason with the newest version of ePSXe, it doesn't work at all! When I go to configure it, I click the auto detection button and it freezes! Right now I'm using Kazuuya's (spelling?) CD plugin that seems like the fastest choice right now. But I simply love the new version. Megaman Legends 2 works correctly with the sound except with some stuttering at time but I think that is my CD rom's fault. I simply love the new version of ePSXethe only thing is that Pete's CD plugin doesn't work. I hope Pete can release another version capatiple with the newest version. If you need my specs I will give them to you.

Celeron 700
GeForce 2 MX 32MB
Sound Blaster Live! Value
I think that is it...

Thanks for any help you give me.


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had this problem, except it wasnt when i changed over to the new epsxe, mine just started doing this all of a sudden. I had to switch to mode 2 i think it was, and had to enable do not wait for cd-rom to be ready. Hope that helps.
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