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I have seen on the compatibility list at that Superman:shadow of apokolips is playable on PCSX2 0.9.6.Is it correct?Because if you see the screenshot it doesn't seem playable.So is it playable or not?

When I run a game on PCSX2 0.9.6 a message comes up.I have given the picture with the thread.What should I do with this?I have DirectX 9.0c installed on my pc.If I select yes a webpage of Micrososft comes up which has link to download DirectX.If I select no the other message shown in the second image comes up.

My specs:
Processor:Intel Pentium Dual-Core E500 2.5ghz
Motherboard:Gigabyte G31
Graphics card:XFX Geforce 9800GT 1GB
Ram:2GB DDR2
Operating system:Windows XP Service Pack 3

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About Superman, U should try it U'r self, and find the settings that fit Ur system/game. If U find something interesting post it on screenshots thread.

About U'r pcsx2 error message, It written crystal clear "please update directx!" wich part of it that U didnt understand? go to and search for directx, download, install. Run PCSX2 again.

About U'r post, there's no need to double thread just for adding a screenshot, Use edit function.
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