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problem with parasite eve 2, help me

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hello boys.
i'm a italian boy, i have a problem with parasite eve 2.
i use epsxe emulator for play with this game.
useful info:
parasite eve 2 pal ita (iso)
epsxe 1.60, pete's drive 1.75 for plugin video configurate for read subchannels, i have also add the option "-pe2" into epsxe.exe proprietes like the readme ask.
but i have the problem , epsxe crass after te video wen you to the desert after the building (second level). I have a black screen and i can't make anythink.......... What can I do?

i have readme this page:
and i have to click to the link "view emulator config" into the Skad post but don't happen never.....

who can help me?
thanks and excuseme for my englis :innocent:
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well first you can post this problem in
the epsxe forum
try this link and post your problem there
or just search in their forum and you'll find the answer
It seems like a very common problem.
where i can find the saves of "parasite eve 2 pal in italian language" for my epsxe?

Have you tried
fireblaster_lyz said:
i have find the solution!!!!
i have convert the save for the fpse , i have play with this emulator end this bypass the second level, then i have reconverted the saves of fpse for!!!!!

this is my memory card for bypass the second level problem for parasite eve 2 pal ita.....

save as:


have fun!

thanks to all

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That's strange... Yesterday I had the exact same problem, but with a French PE2 - ePSXe stopped emulating just before the second level after leaving the MIST centre, but since I have also an NTSC version of PE2, I could easily bypass this problem with memory card renamer (converting the last PAL save to the NTSC one).

This game is weird. It seams like its different versions stop being emulated in different parts. By the way, Connectix VGS doesn't even reach the menu screen.
hello friends

I have the same problem

I use ePSXe 1.6 edition, and the game parasite eve 2 works except when I jupm to level 2

it stopped

how can I proceed

I'll be waiting for the assistance
the latest version of epsxe is 1.7.0, try that and if it dosnt work then try out other emulators if you feel up to it. i am going to warn you now though that this game seems to have problems with just about any emulator out there, so you might need to stick to playing it on a real psx. also in the future, do not revive old threads, just make a new one.

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