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Problem with o.8

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I have problem getting this version to work after i configure it i double click on the icon and the emulator window pops up bur there are no menu on top so i can't do anything. I was wondering if others had the same problem.
Thank you
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refraction said:
well then its a problem with that plugin and nvidia cards, cos its working fantastic on ATi cards. Plus the Geforce 6800 card seems to work fine too
Actually, I have the GeForce FX5200 also, and with using Fixed Pipeline and PS 1.0, I had color issues too. Like it was blue where it should have been red and red where it should have been blue. At first when I switched to the other options, it stayed the same. Then I rebooted, and now the colors are what they should be with using PS1.4. Of course, frame rates are a bit slower, to see the correct colors does make it worth it. Just thought I'd throw that in the hat ;)
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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