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Problem with NULL2's plugin

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how come i get choppy sound in NULL2's plugin v1.35 at any game(not just in MDECS)? it wasn't like that before on v1.34.

My specs are:
Athlon 750
Geforce 256 on Pete's OGL 1.48
SBlive! Value
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ah man...

U re a newbie in this forum right??

It s well known that null 1.35 is choppy w/ mdecs...
hopefully that a new version will be released...
just switch configurations using epsxecutor(one cfg w/ spu null and the other one w/ epsxe spu core for example)

(besides if raziel is reading this: "Thx Raziel!!)

You might also want to give Pete's Midas Plugin vers. 1.37 a try. Null2's plugin, doesen't matter which version, won't work at all for me.
uhm... i donno whether i'm allowed to say this or not but i've got a most recent version (1.40) at hand...
while its safe to say the choppy sound is gone (but not completely, maybe can kill it with some buffer tweaking)
Maybe the 1.40 is from me(sorry Bgnome:( ).
I must say that it performs much better than any previous version but it's more ressources eater,anyway I think it's because it must be a leaked WIP (that's why I said I was sorry).
The next release should be amazing.
ok, okay... now the choppy sound is gone... but the sound will cut itself off at regular interval (not as intense as that "choppy" sound) [i've tweaked the buffer legth, but none avail]
what a remarkable you need to do is tweak that buffer :idea:
What? How come you people get a beta, huh?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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