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Hey !

Recently, I have been having some problems saving my game in Resident Evil 2 (PAL). I already created the memory card, and it seemed fine with Resident Evil Director's Cut, but for some odd reason, it doesn't work with Resident Evil 2.

When I finish the game, it asks me if I want to save. I try to save, by accessing one of the two memory cards (memory card 1), and when I click it, it shows which slot I want to save to. Problem is, afterwards, the keyboard doesn't respond. I can't press up or down, and I can't confirm either. The game doesn't freeze per se, because the cursor is still blinking.

Anyone knows what might be the problem ?

Thank you!

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Have you tried switching the controller mode to "normal pad" just to see if that may work? It shouldn't matter, but maybe that particular menu wasn't coded to proper read analog input (not even sure if that's possible, but worth checking out).
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