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problem with max payne. cant continue playing!!!

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im at chapter 7 of part 1
after some playing, im in a persuit of a guy, i shot him in the stomach, he ran away
i killed his "bodyguards" and im a little bit after the basketball
"square"-dont recall how u guys call it - and there supposed to be soem action,
i stop at a stair, the guy push a button and an elevator goes up, and them the game stop
it doesnt crash or something, the sound is playing, the snow keeps
"going down" - my english today is really bad, dont know why -
so any help??
ill post a url later with the save, so if u guys could help me......
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Tried applying the latest patch? The latest revision is 1.02, iirc.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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