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Problem with lunar:ssc

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I have tried everything i can think of but can get it to work.
I am using pete's opengl2 and have read many different configs but it just won't load. Anyone else have similar prob...
system specs:
amd 3500+
1gb ddr 400 ram
nvidia 6800 ultra 256mb
sb audigy 2
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Post your current config for ogl2. Are you loading directly from the cd? If so, post the cd plugin you are using and its configs. Also, try making an iso of the disc, and loading from it. If you are already playing from an iso, try remaking it. Does this happen with other games?
Try with peops. Apart from that, recover your original disc and try with it. Seems like your iso is screwed.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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