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Problem with Legend Of Dragoon

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ok ive been using epsxe for a few years now and havent had any problems for the most part until recently when i decided to play through Legend of Dragoon again last time i played it i had no problems but this time it crashes after the phantom ship when it goes the play the video on the Dragon campaign where zieg gets turned to stone if anyone knows how to fix this tell me and no i dont think its windows service pack 2 because this is my 3rd time through the game and on my last one i had windows service pack 2 and it didnt crash
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and ohh yes i am playing it off an iso
i doubt thats the problem but ill try it
i went through a few areas but im not the type to go through dozens of pages of forums but as i said earlier this problem never occurred before i know there was a problem with the game when using 1.5.2 in which it wouldnt load at all so for LoD i use 1.6 and ive never had a problem till now although it could just be the disc i used was too scratched ill have to get it back and have a look at it
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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