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problem with harvest moon plzz help!!

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hi guys i have a big problem and i think that i came in right place to solve it... well these 3 last week i was playing harvest moon with epsxe 1.6 with cd-rom but yesterday when i married the black screen is appearing for the next day but nothing its stuck there, it's not continue for the next day what should i do with my problem plzz someone!!! its a crash or something else?
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are you loading off save states? if so, load off the memory card save
Thats actualy a glitch on the originaly released harvest moon discs,, i have one too :( the only thing you can do is get a non glitched disc,,, It has nothing to do with the emulator
hushu just now i try to do this but nothing happens!

irish how can i fix this??? i need to buy the original disc with other words??? what is the non-glitch disc how can i find it???
soory dude, i dont actualy know,, all i know is that appearently the original release of discs had a glitch where after you get married and your wife asks you what she wants you herto call you,the screen goes black and stays thats way,,,, It happens to me too,, My friend has the disc that doesnt have the glitch .. :mad: sorry but it looks like youll have to somehow find the non glitched disc, Sorry i cant be more help,, ,,,,, You will eithor have to get the non glitched disc or find one ans use it to get by the day of marriage. Sorry I cant be more help but thats all i know.Good luck
Go to . Then click on support and then on Support Center. If you are in the datatbase screen, Select "PlayStation" and "Harvest Moon".

You should get the problem listed. In the german version of the ubisoft site, there's written I should send ONLY the disc in a letter to Ubisoft and they'll resend the non-glitch disc.

Don't know if this game is produced by another company in the USA.
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