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Hey, new poster here. I feel a bit bad about signing up just to whine and ask for help so first I have to say thanks a lot for this great program. I dl'ed it to play Final Fantasy X and for the most part it worked great. I never thought I'd be able to play it on a Pc, this is a really wonderful project.

Okay, so now for my problem. Now I am trying to play through Final Fantasy X-2 and the beginning cutscene looks weird:

I'm using the ZeroGS with bilinear filtering, interlace toggle on (won't let me turn it off, actually), no antialiasing, and all advanced/other options unchecked. I'll be glad to give any more specifc info necessary...

Specs are 2.39 GHZ dual, 3 gigs ram, GeFOrce 8800GT. I don't know if that's important here, because it does run, just with this weird split.
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