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:confused: I rented a FFIX game from a Hollywood video store, but it seems that there is an error when my computer attempts to read the disc. I can hear the sounds of the comoputer reading the disc, but I get an error message like this:

Error reading CD: 0x0081 0,2,16

Is there anybody on this forum that can explain to me what this error message means?

Sounds to me like the CD is damaged. If it is, there isn't much that can be done except to return it and try to get a better copy.
The other thing is that your CD unit may like that particular CD. I have the same problem w/Gauntlet Legends and my DVD Drive. It gives an error and won't read the disk. But my HP CD writer reads it fine. If you have access to another CD or DVD unit, try the CD in that and see how it does. That will tell you if it is the CD or the Drive. Best of luck and hope this helps.

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Can you browse the directory in windows?

If yes:
Yes, you should try and make a raw image of the CD. I would reccomend CDRWIN. There is a FAQ on on how to do it. This should take care of your problem if the disk is not dammaged.

If no:
You can try to boot up in ms-dos with a windows 98 startup disk. This loads up an adaptic aspi layer and asignes a drive letter to your cd-rom in dos. If you switch to that drive, and can see the contents (first type "D:\ " followed by [enter] assuming that D is your cd-rom drive. Second, type "dir" followed by [enter]) If this displays the contents of your cd-rom, you should download ForceASPI from the utilities pages on . This should fix your problem.

If the contents were not displayed while in dos, then your cd-rom drive cannot read CD..

If its too confusing, e-mail me and i will explain better...
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