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It's kind of hard to explain this in words, but when I watch FMVs in FF9/IX, they play fine when it comes to visuals, audio is another story.
What happens is the sound will play fine, and then it'll start to skip and jump to other parts of the FMVs sound (Or it could be looping, I'm not completely sure because I don't know what the FMVs sound like when they play normally)
Oh yeah, on another note, I found out what was causing the skipping issues:My sidewinders! It seems ePSXe doesn't like two game controllers on one gameport (One sidewinder is hooked into the other) and the moment I unplugged sidewinder #2, ePSXe's skipping completely stopped. Odd huh? Maybe this'll help some people out.

Again, my specs

Athlon 1.3 GHZ Processor
256 MB DDR Ram
ATI Radeon (64 MB Model)
Iwill K266 Motherboard (Sound is built into the board)

Plugin Settings
Video-Pete's D3D Plugin v 1.49
Audio-Null2's Audio Driver 1.2 (heard 1.3 had problems or something)
CD-N/A, using ISOs ripped from my friend's FFIX CDs (None of that Kalisto crap for me thank you very much, and may they burn in heck for helping to lower DC software sales as well)
Bios Image-SCPH1001.bin

Also, are there any points where I'll have to use another plugin for Audio to prevent crashing? I've seen a lot of posts about people complaining of crashing/lockups in FF9.
What can I say, if I could I'd simply buy and play the game on a real PSX, but unfortunately I've had three PSX systems in my lifetime, all have died on me within a year or less.
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