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I'm using epsxe and petes 3d3
here is the config for the plugin:
Desktop Resolution 800*600 Color deph 32bit
Texture quality: R8 G8 B8 A8
Caching type: Dynamic
Off-Screen drawing: Enhaced
Advanced blending: Hardware
Framebuffer textures: Gfx card buffer
Apha multipass: Enabled
Mask bit: Enabled
Scanlines: Disabled
Unfiltered framebuffer updateds: Enabled
Color dithering: Enabled
Full VRam primitieves: Disabled
For Special game fixes i don't have any enabled
My system spec:
PentiumIII 500mhz with 96mb of ram
Voodoo4500 agp 32bit
I don't think that the rest is of any importance
The problem:
When i run FF9 using that plugin it works perfect *even better then on the original psx*, when i get to the FMV. Where the AirShip*theater* crashes at the beggining of the game, the emulator freezes, i did not have that problem in the previous version of Petes Plugin, the only reason i'm using the new one is becouse that the new version fixes the blag boarders in the game, any help would be apriciated.

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>, but what was causing the game to crash
It's just a bug in the SPU, that's all. There's probably some instruction that fires at that point within the game that some part of the emulator fails.

>what is the VGs feature for?
Taken from the page (and I quote):
Misc. - Enable VAG Stream
This option is specifically for Final Fantasy 8, Final Fantasy 9, and Chrono Chross. By turning "Enable VAG Stream" on, it enables sound in the MDECs for these three games. There shouldn't be any issues with just leaving it on all the time. Keep in mind that you may need to enable the "SPU IRQ Hack" option in ePSXe as well."
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