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Problem with FF8

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when i emulate FF8 on PC i get this problem:
i cant see on the screen the battle commands (draw, magic, item, ...) i only can choose them invisible (click once + down = GF)
i can't play like that the whole game ..
can somebody help me?
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Mdec problem with disc2

with epsxe, I never had that problem, maybe it's your setting or your graphic card.
I got a different problem with ff8, I had tried all the latest plugins and driver and doesn't fix the problem.

During disc2 I can't see any movie, while the game continue and when changing from disc 1 to 2, it doesn't recognise it's disc 2, I think it's the emulator problem or something else, I wonder if anyone had the same problem and know any fix to it. first I use copied ff8, then I bought my own original, and it give me the same problem

oh yeah does anyone know why playing with vgs the graphic look so shit for ff8?

my pc spec:
AMD athlon 1.33
asus v133 motherboard
asus v3800U TNT2 graphic card
sound blaster live sound card
256 kingmax sdram
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I got 2 problem with ff8
1. when I finish disc 1, it ask me to put disc 2 in, * and yes I had saved the game using normal save, yes that does work booting from disc2 and starting the save file from there,* but what I mean is, when it ask me to change from disc1 to disc 2 when I finished disc1, I changed it, and it say wrong disc!!!! I got the original ff8, and it give me that, so I believe it's related to epsxe emulator unknow bugs.

2, during disc 2 of ff8, I can play it, but when it come to the cinematic part, all I see is blank screen, untill the movie is ended, and the game continue. my friends say they got the same problem, so I wonder if anyone out there had come across this problem, and or know the fix to it, coz I like to watch the movie,
I got the pal version of ff8.*original*
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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