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Problem with FF8

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when i emulate FF8 on PC i get this problem:
i cant see on the screen the battle commands (draw, magic, item, ...) i only can choose them invisible (click once + down = GF)
i can't play like that the whole game ..
can somebody help me?
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Well with ff9, you have to disable frameskipping to see the battle menu so it may hold true here as well. Don't forget to set your offscreen drawing to standard or extended if you're using one of Pete's hardware accelerated plug-ins.

As for sniper's problem, I'm not quite sure I follow you there? You switch discs in the emulator and then ... what happens? Have you tried isos? Do you use save states as well? Maybe you should do one of the regular in-game saves at the end of disc 1 close epsxe then open it and boot disc 2. Disc 2 can boot on its own, right? You aren't having any problems with that?
Sounds like it could be a problem with the cd or iso. You can try making an iso or try running off of the original cd. For ff9 just browse through the many many many ff9 threads on this board. And you should really consider upgrading your processor, that gf2 is getting bored and lonely.
It could also be the saved state glitch too. Look up in other ff8 threads for more info as sorry I am just too bloody tired and sick to type anymore toodooloo.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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