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problem with ePSXe (black screen when loading ISO)

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well the topic basicly says it i cant get it to run
right now im trying to run final fantasy 9 (i know its not FF9 thats screwed up because ive tried other games and they wont work)

right now my video setting are set to the default "Nice"
and im using Pete's OpenGL Driver 1.76 and im using the bios\SCPH1001.bin
(i have 90 different video plugins so just name one and maybe i have it)

my operating system is windows XP
i have a GeForce 6200

im not sure whats wrong but please reply if you can

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Use the CD.
90 different plugins? I use 1.
CDs are too scratched up so i figured i would try a emulator
(and the 90 video plugins are just from some plugin pack i downloaded)
ok first of all, is your FF9 NTSC or PAL? if PAL, you need a PPF patch, or you'll have to rip it with subchannel data, or you'll need to play it off the CD and enable subchannel reading.

also, delete all the plugins you downloaded except for the ones you use. having so many plugins is bad for the emulator, because it checks all of them, and that can take a while, not to mention it can screw up the emulator.
ok well before i downloaded the 90 plugin package i only had one and that was the Pete's DX6 D3D Driver 1.76 and i still had the same problem so what i did next was install Pete's OpenGL Driver 1.76 (because at help file said for a GeForce card i need the openGL driver) so then i installed the 90 plugin package (i thought maybe i could get a good plugin from that)

i dont think its a PAL version even if it was i already read the help file and it said if it was a PAL version i needed to download a patch but here the website i downloaded it from *no warez links allowed plz* - hushy

and if i need to take out all the plug ins i dont use i will
ok for one you posted the link to a warez site, but with .net instead of .org like the real site oO

anyway, you wont receive any support for a pirated game. go buy the game, and read the [rules]rules[/rules].
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