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Problem with Doom

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The game freezes up on the loading screen. How can I get it to work?
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Plugin versions?


ePSXe version?

Unless you provide some useful info, we can't help you other than to recommend you play the PC version. (it's better, anyway! :thumb:)
I'm using ePSXe version 1.6.0

Sound: P. E. Op. S. DSound 1.9
Video: Pete's D3D 1.76

and what kind of settings are you looking for?
Try with ePSXe v1.7.0

Internal SPU plugin.
And PEOpS Soft plugin.

Also, update your video plugins.
You can get Pete's and PEOpS Soft from Pete's site.
we also need to know if you are playing from the disc or from an image of it because it is possible that you could be looking at a damaged disc or a corrupted/bad image. if it is the image that is the problem then all you usually need to do is make a new one however if the disc is damaged you could be looking at having to track down another copy of the game (depending on how extensive the damage is).
ePSXe 1.7 simply won't work ("zlib.dll was not found")

And that combo of drivers causes ePSXe to stop working and shut down.

I'm using an image file (.bin extension)
Tell me, are you mentally challenged.

If not, then there is no excuse why you have been unable to fix that problem.

1. Google is a powerful tool.
2. This forum also has a search function which would've listed the correct thread within the first 5 hits had you looked.

Update your emulator, get newer plugins (peops dsound has been deprecated by newer plugins) and we'll start again.
Update your emulator
I did. Now ePSXe won't open at all. I had to reload 1.6.0

, get newer plugins
I got the plugin pack that came with the emulator here. What other ones do you recommend?
Both things you suggested I tried in the post JUST ABOVE YOU.
No. You failed at the zlib error.

Restart the mental process and try again.
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