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Hello guys,
Couple of days now i was trying to implement and try to play Digimon world 2 on my computer with epsxe 1.7.0, but i found myself some strange problem. When game loads ( and it loads nicely from ISO) and intro starts there is no sound, however in the main menu and in the game there is all the sounds, except in battles there is no sfx again. I used around 10 or 12 different sound plugins with different settings, was surfing all the forums trying to find that someone has same problem but i couldn't find anyone, so maybe some of you could help me:)
P.S when i tried to play it on PSX emulator the sound was ok, but it doesn't require any sound plugin, so i was lost there again what to do. Anyway in psx sound was ok, but game crashed every 2 min, and in newest epsxe it runs very smoothly and looks cool, but this sound problem bugs me a lot, cause i can't here any of spells casting or items using and so on.

THAN YOU in advance for the support :eyemove:
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