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Problem with DBZ BT3

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I've got a problem when playing a particular ISO, namely DBZ BT3. I already tried many configurations etc. but everytime there is something wrong with the graphic.
First I tried GSdx 1.15, then 1.14 and for both an annoying screen flicker occurred (except when I render on my processor software but then I get with all speed hacks only ~ 20-30 frames). So I tried out ZeroGS 0.97.1. The flickering was gone, but otherwise all sort of graphic errors appeared and they were different ones in every area (6h enlarged experimented with the options).
Later I found in a thread from someone with the same problem the tip, you should install GSdx 1.3 and I tried that. After a long search I finally found a download sameness, but unfortunately it was version 11.3 (I'm still a bit confused about the version numbers).
Thus, the screen flicker disappeared, but the game ran very slowly and there were strange shadow errors.
Elsewhere it was said that one should use pcxs 9.5. That's what I did. As well as I could do. It just open the "pcxs2t.exe" and when you open the "pcxs2.exe" there was an error: "SysError: Can not allocate mem adresses 0x20000000-40000000, err: 487". Well ... In the pcxs2t version, some options were missing (such as speed hacks), and the compatibility is really bad. Therefore it is not running.
Here is my current configuration:
Graphics and processor settings are always different anyway. ^^
Speedhacks... I turned on at the right side everything, and at the left the third.
My system:
ATI Radeon HD 4800
Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q9550 2.83 Ghz
3Gig Ram
Windows XP
Sure, it is half a novel now, but I nevertheless hope someone reads it. :D

ps. If you can't understand sth. post it please... The main work did Google :emb:
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DB games require native res.
No they don't, not this specific one at least (I've run the first three Budokai games at custom resolutions with very few graphical errors as well). I run Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 at custom resolutions and it doesn't seem to break anything (besides speed if it's too high for my GPU). The only visual errors I get are A) some geometry on some characters is missing (The BETA MicroVU CPU option fixes it somewhat, but not fully), and B), when the screen goes to shift, you see the bottom half of what was the last FMV you viewed for a split second. The gameplay itself is rendered ~99% fine though. I use PCSX2 0.9.6 BETA (the July 8th version, whatever revision that'd be). I use no speed hacks, and use GSdx 0.1.15 (the SSE4.1 version), and it works fine in both DirectX 9 and DirectX 10 hardware modes.

First things first, disable speed hacks. That CPU should be close to being able to run it full speed, so don't worry. It may slow down a bit still (since I don't know the minimum CPU for this game, but it does seem more GPU dependent), but we need to ensure it's not the cause of the graphical errors.
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The speed is as high as it was before and flickering is still there.
So nothing changed... :(
change the deinterlacing method.?
While interlacing was needed in the original Budokai games, I haven't needed to touch it in Tenkaichi 3.

Try these settings? They give me accurate graphics in this game (I had to open three instances of PXS2 to show that many windows, but whatever).

Don't worry about speed yet. Try and figure out where the graphical errors are coming from. Make sure you're using the same version of GSdx. Since you can't use DirectX 10, you can use DirectX 9. It won't change anything/be the reason you're experiencing those issues. I use it when I want to play fullscreen, and I've noticed no difference at all. Use the SSE4.1 version since your CPU supports it. You can (and probably should) try native mode for the internal resolution.

The problem has got to speed hacks or a version of PCSX2 and/or GSdx that don't play well with that game. That's all it could be, besides maybe GPU drivers.
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or its the regioning of his game......
Without speedhacks the flickering is there too.
I think it has something to do with my graphic card(don't know if this word exist :D)... GSdx don't like it. As I said there were no problems with DX9 software exept the low FPS.
With GSdx 1.3 and DX9h the flickering was gone too but also the game ran really slow.
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