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Problem with CS 1.6 and C-D

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Every time i join a server, after a 1min or so, somethings appear on the screens and the game quits.
"Your game has been modified, remove the modification and try again. Code 59".

Whats going on? I have C-D version 4.29 en.
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maybe your joining a server that doesnt require CD. i remember i couldnt join servers without CD if i had CD enabled
use "the all seeing eye" to browse servers and join games, it will start and shutdown CD as needed. :)
screw CD, it's not needed especially with 1.6 since it has VAC. im not saying VAC is the be all end all solution, all im saying is, screw C-D.
actually hushy CD is beeing used again all over the world again :p Now that the new version is up and its the best way to stop cheaters.
new version eh? meh, i dont care, steam handles it fine for me.

but, i remember using this back in 2003 or whatever in my CS 1.5 days...screw CD, screw itgood
why's that? couse it stoped most cheats?
Nah, it was just and update.
I didnt found out earlier coz the auto-update thing is broken.
Just went to their site and now everythings good again...(how can it be good if its CS 1.6, you might ask?!?!?!? ;) )
I play 1.6 all the time :p btw add me in xfire if u use it
Actually, i only play on Brazilian servers, due the very low ping.
Theres one server in my city i get 40~50, almost a LAN house ah?
And i dont use Xfire, all the guys i know who plays it, do it on the same server as i do.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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