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Problem with chrono cross

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I've played up until the flaming house part on the 2nd disc. However after I go into the cinema scene with lynx and harle the game crashes right after harle turns her head around after lynx turned around. Any ideas? or is my iso bad?
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never mind i got past it using vgs with the cdrom
What video plugins do you use? Are you using epsxe emulator? I couldn't get pass the flaming house part on disc 2 because the graphcis went crazy. Only a black screen and a few flame sprites and that's all. Do you (or anybody else) have any ideas how to fix this? I am using Pete's D3D 1.50 plugin for epsxe 1.4.0.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
vector22: maybe you can try turning full vram primitives on and/or set the framebuffer to emulated vram or gfx card buffer, this should hopefully get the flame effect in Lucca's house working. If you only want to enable this temporarily, press the 'del' key whilst running the game, press 'page down' until the cursor is on the 'FV' (full vram primitives) option, then press 'end' to toggle the option on and off, do the same for 'FB' (framebuffer textures). This way you can turn the options on and off until you get the settings you want. Note: these settings do not get saved if you adjust them 'on the fly', you will need to change your gpu plugin settings on the video config page for them to be saved.
Thanks a lot guys! Turns out I have to enable the full VRAM primitive mode. It was slow, but at least it worked. Ahhh, now I will finally able to finish this great game. Thanks again!
Just jack up the fps limit or use framskip to counter the slowdown thats what i did ;) O yea I played it @ 1024*768 4x AA its great!
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