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I think there's a problem with my Animal Crossing file on the Dolphin emulator; when I loaded up the game, there was no 'Press to start!' message on the screen like there should be. I looked up how to fix it, and the suggestion was to set Controller Port 1 to Standard Controller. But I don't want to do that because I have Controller Port 1 set to my GameCube controller (which I also have a problem with - I will discuss in a second). If I switch it to Standard Controller, will this mean I won't be able to play Animal Crossing on Dolphin with the GameCube controller?

Also, about the GameCube controller - I looked up a tutorial on YouTube about how to get it correctly working with Dolphin, and I think I did everything right. But when I go into Controllers and try to configure the controller, there is a message which says 'No Adapter Detected'.

I would really love it if somebody could help me with these problems - I have been posting on forums, trying to get the solution for days, and I just want to play Animal Crossing!

Thank you! :)
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