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problem w/ final fantasy 7 and 9

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hi guys i got a problem with my FF7 and FF9 games. In the ff7 game, there is a boss name "airbuster" and there is a problem w that robot after a series of attacks from Barret, Tifa and Cloud he then g sort -of like paralyze or just standing there then the afterwards the game got stuck. Then there 's this ff9 where i was suppose t go to a certain cotinent after lindhumb got suck by a giant bg mouth monster then after talking with one lindhumb's servants in order to go to a secret tunnel then all went black. There is suppose to be a FMV rolling afterwards but all went black..... then i got stuck up there..... again. is there any way you can fix this? is there some sort of a program to fix this kind of problem? pls help me.......
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Sounds like a CD problem.
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