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problem w/ bittorrent

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Whenever I turn off bittorrent, our internet connection slows to a crawl. I've looked at our router's access logs, and it shows incoming connections to bittorrent, even though I've turned off bittorrent completely. I get 5-6 of these requests every second, roughly halving my bandwidth. So far I've fixed the problem by releasing and renewing my IP, but that only works until I restart bittorrent. Does anyone know how I can turn off bittorrent w/o getting this problem?

Using Azureus, latest version
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try killing the bittorrent process using task manager. Thats my solution for annoying apps
This is a stupid question but... Are you sure you're closing the program and not just minimizing it to the taskbar?
I completely close down bittorrent properly. Somehow azureus is not telling the tracker that i'm not connected, or the other users that I'm no longer connected, so I get dozens of connect requests from the other bittorrent users, and it takes hours for them to stop.
I would recommend getting a program called NetLimiter. Its a good solution to stopping programs sucking up the internet without messing with their settings.
Maby its not bittorent...It spyware...

Scan your pc with MS anti spyware, Spyware Docktor, Ad-aware, Spy sweeper and Spybot s&d...then see if that helps :)

this is a problem related to any form of P2P where the program is constantly looking for new sources, just like with emule once you are connected other people can see you online and try to connect to you to download the files, the problem is, when you're off, people are still trying to get on, so even tho you arent connected to BT you are getting hundreds of connection requests from other computers, in essance a DoS attack. The only solutions are these.

A: wait till it wears off, itll take a couple of hours probably.
B: Don't use P2P

unfortunately i dont know any true instant solution, so if you wanna use BT you're gonna have to learn to live with it ;)
alright,thanks. Looks like BT is out after I finish this torrent.
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