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sup, i have a BIG problem here. i was playing FF8 with ePSXe 1.6.0 in WinXP and
i only used memory cards saves because i can use savestates( i press F1 and/or Esc-Run-Savestate(f1)-Slot1/2/3/4/5 and it doesnt save, but if i press f2 it changes the slot) and that game saved fine. then i formatted my pc and instaled win98, same version of the emu and GPU, same config too, and started playing Breath of fire 3. but here is the problem: i saved the game in a certain point and kept playing, but when i saved it again it seems that it didnt really save it, and i only get the older save, like if the mem card isnt being updated or something. just for fun i did file-run Bios and besides the regular window another
"status" windows showed up and it seems that everything loaded ok but when i enter the regular psx memory card editor it says in that status window:

Warning: the memory card ("the path of the first memory card") haas NOT been saved

Warning: the memory card ("the path of the second memory card") haas NOT been saved

i think maybe is a problem with my pc or maybe with win98. anyone knows about this??

and yes i did search the forums but i didnt find anything useful :)

edit: i kept searching and solved the sstates creating the folder, thanks BTW
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