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I'm tested PSinex revision 4 on my "test SPU plugin".
I found some problem.

* Calling SPU plugin init and shutdown function order illegal...

SPUinit() and SPUshutdown(), SPUopen() and SPUclose()...
These function come in pairs for use by PSX emulator.

for example...
This is correct order.

1. Double click PSinex's .exe file. (Open GUI)
...No function call.

2. Start PSX Emulation. (ex. Run CDROM -> Open PSX emulation window)
...SPUinit() -> SPUopen()

3. Stop PSX Emulation. (Hit ESC key -> Close PSX emulation window -> back to GUI)

4. Continue PSX Emulation. (Open PSX emulation window)

5. Stop PSX Emulation. (Hit ESC key -> Close PSX emulation window -> back to GUI)

6. Close PSinex's GUI.
(If not start emulation then no function call.)

* BGM's tempo is very slow on 60FPS(NTSC/J).

I think, a cause of this problem is "H-SYNC ROOT COUNTER"...
This problem happen ePSXe, FPSE, AdriPSX, PCSX, too...

H-SYNC and V-SYNC spec of "NTSC/J":

4.5MHz / 286 = 15734.265...Hz

4.5MHz / 286 / 525 * 2 = 59.940059...Hz

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I also have a problem with this version :(
When I select the menu action close
The emulator freezes and WindowsXP sends me this message:
psinex pc emulator.exe has detected a problem and should close
The data of the report of errors:
It signs of the error
AppName: psinex pc emulator.exe AppVer: ModName: gpupeted3d.dll
ModVer: Offset: 0000e558
Using X is the same thing
And this didn't pass with the previous versions :(

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didn´t understand
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