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Hello Guys i Have some problem in Monster Rancher 2 in Making a Monster When i Change Disc > Iso > its always mocchii showing i have many Diffrent Games for PSX here like megamanX6 ,Metal Slug X , and many more but its always mocchi showing one time i try Change Disc > CdRom > its ok i put Ps1 Cd Like Breath of fire IV and its mochhi again >.> please guys help me :) i appreciate ur help to me :)

Edit : Problem Solved i try epsxe 1.6 But the problem is when i put cd in cdrom it always say you nid to have permission how can i have one? ( ima permission ) as in like all my ps1 cd >.>

when i choose ISO i get always poison plant and hare >.> please help me :(~~~
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