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hushypushy said:
ok, in ePSXe, go to Config-->sound and check the top 3 boxes.

and what's wrong with ePSXe...?
I dont know how to config it (EPSX) i use a .bin file of the game, i tried use the mooby plugin but dont how config, can you say the right config i think the game use the cdda audio, and these top 3 boxes in sound config are (test) (configure) (about) ? can i post theses question about epsx here ?

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ePSXe is easier to configure than PSXeven oO

anywho, the three checkboxes are the ones that say "enable sound", "enable CDDA sound", etc

and mooby's plugin, you dont have to config, really. just set it up, then go to File--->Run CDROM and then it asks you for the ISO. if you dont need the CDDA sound (does Legends of legaia need it.....? i dont think so) then simply do file-->run ISO.
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