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Hi everyone, i've bought a nintendo switch controller, i have a 64bit pc, i have used x360ce 64 bit with gears 5 but when i open it show me an error "0x2,1" also with administrator mode.

i have tried to config the x360ce from desktop and after copy all files in gears 5 directory and works.
After i have tried to set it for the new spyro game, copy only the .exe run it (it works, not likes in gears directory) but it set the controller as nr. 2 (at the beginning set as nr.1 and i have only one controller), in any case with gears works.

In spyro directory i don't have found any kind of "xinput" file but only "controller.vdf".
It is Gears 32bit and spyro 64bit? (down-right)

How can i solve? If you need more info let me know.
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