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probems with bof3-after camping

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when i try to rest in bof3 when i camp the screen is black and the music is garbled and it takes a hell of a time for the game to retur normally sometimes it just gets stuck
anyome know what is the problem?
what plugins should i use
i have amd k7 800 128 ram sounblaster creative and gforce 2 mx

ynx in advance
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Hmm...I haven't played BoF 3 recently, but you could try using ePSXe 1.00 to get by the part you're having problems at (the only major problem I ran into with it is it may crash with certain soundcard configurations at the final boss. And no voices, but that may be fixed in newer spus...or even the new ePSXe. Either way, another download will probably solve your problem).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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