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Beta date: 04.08.05 [refraction]
Conditions tested under:
release 0.8.1 plugins,except from GSDX9 25.07.05

With this game it consists of 2 ELFs:
SLES_5063.7 plays intro video and loads RALLY.ELF via LoadExecPS2
RALLY.ELF must not be loaded manually, else it reboots inf.

Just in case you thought that you saw every possible bug:
if you use a formatted MC, graphics drop down into "invisble part of VRAM".
with unformatted MC graphics are OK :???:
Once you see graphics you may switch to VUREC, faster but flashing like a stroboscope.

If you try to start actual gameplay it loops at
EPC WaitSema
PC/RA 00081FC0

Patches used:
gametitle=Pro Rally 2002 [SLES50637] (E)
comment= patch by nachbrenner
//Skip Intro Video (sceMpegIsEnd)

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