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I hope everyone is having a great Holiday break. It has been a long time since I updated Prince of Persia Legacy, which I apologize to the whole Prince of Persia Community. Well its News Years Eve and its time to be happy and celebrating and reflecting on things to do better next year. It has been three years for the Prince of Persia Series and the Sands of Time Trilogy ended this December with Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. It sure was a classy ending. So this means tomorrow will be New Years Day and like every year I'll be year older. So a present for all whole community, I've present a whole new update for Prince of Persia Legacy. This update is not like other updates that I've done before. I have taken out all the stops and gone all the way with New Years Eve Blast Prince of Persia Style..

The first gift, I present to the community is the no longer need to memorizing long url addresses for Prince of Persia Legacy in past which had ********* and Now all you need to know is simple and small short url address: I hope everyone likes this short url address.

I know everyone hates going between two sites for being able to get Prince of Persia Music/Videos/Movies/etc, plus its gets confusing to know which site is better. So for the first time ever there is no longer a need to go between the older ] and the current Prince of Persia Legacy to get the latest multimedia files. Thank you Gamespy and the whole community bearing with me during the whole time. So the Sands of Time is 100% complete and uploaded. The Warrior Within and The Two Thrones Sections nearly 100% complete, except for the weapons and characters sections need to be finished.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time's Official Soundtrack has been uploaded, click to download.

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within's Official Soundtrack and Joewahby(Thank you man for all the great you've done) for the first time in 320 kbps, click to download.

Prince of Persia: The Two Throne's Ripped Soundtrack in 320 kbps, click to download.

Prince of Persia: The Trilogy Soundtrack, click to download.

Prince of Persia: The Two Throne's Cinamatics, click to download.

This update doesn't end here. I have something real special for all the old schoolers like myself. Thank you Landel for sending me the Turbo CD version for Prince of Persia 1. Everyone can for the first time ever download the music from the rare Turbo CD version of Prince of Persia 1. Please click to download.

A reminder to everyone, all the downloads are on Fileplanet so please use either your IGN, Gamespy, 3Dgamers, or any of IGN/Gamespy accounts to download them. As I've uploaded some of the music today. Some of them might not work, but they will after a couple days or keep on refreshing the page until the links work. I'm really sorry about this.

Please check the on the right for some great Prince of Persia fansites and official ones from all over the world and web.

Please check out the for Prince of Persia Fans great Fan Art, Fan Wallpapers, and other great fan creations. If you have any fan art or fan wallpaers or any fan creations please become a member and share with the whole Prince of Persia. At this time, I'd like to Thank jmk1999(better known as dom on the officail forums) and sandtanks11 for all the great help for uploading the awesome wallpapers, official art, and everything that you guys have done with the gallery. I don't know where the Prince of Persia Gallery without your help. I really appreciate it. Thank you guys!!!

Also please check out the Honored Fan section for all the great fans, who have helped Prince of Persia Legacy out, throughout it hard and good times. I'm really in gratitude of them, because without their help Prince of Persia Legacy wouldn't be here. Thank you guys!!! You are really awesome and thank you for all great help. I really appreciate all the help.

One more thing, please read the History section for Prince of Persia The Two Thrones to find some great insight on the story of the game. Plus everything makes bit more sense aswell. :)

I hope everyone enjoys New Years Eve Blast Prince of Persia Style and thank you for all great the support.


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Wow, big update! I loved the PoP series, and your site is great!
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