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Beta Date: various
Conditions Tested Under:

BIOS PAL v1.50
GSsoft 16.04.05
GSDX9 10.04.05
spu2peops 25.12.04
cdvdpeops v3-v5

Status: Intro / Menus

broken graphics until beta 13.02.05
selecting "progressive scan" crashes PCSX2

working graphics from beta 19.02.05 until beta 25.03.05
you may even select "progressive scan 480p"

broken graphics since beta 01.04.05 again
selecting "progressive scan" crashes PCSX2

Game hides disc data like FFX or KH.
Custom video patch required, a few "out of FIFO's" remain.

Patch used:
gametitle=Primal PAL SCES51135
comment=patches by Nachbrenner
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